RECOMMENDED Top Insurance Companies in The World 2020 Reviews

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Northwestern Mutual

It provide Highest rated for customer satisfaction by JD Power
•    It has Strong financial stability
•     It offers several different types of policies, including a renewable policy with a one-year term
Cons of a Northwestern
•    Its Policy must be purchased through an adviser
•     It has no easy way to get a quote online to compare prices
•    It Will likely require a medical exam Best for  Those who doesn’t mind a very traditional approach to life insurance
In the business from 1857, this company is insurer focusing on life and health insurance. This company took the top spot on Customer Satisfaction Survey at JD Power’s 2019 .its earning 810 points out of 200. This company earned some of the highest credit rankings from financial security rating.

2.New York Life

Pros of a New York Life term life policy
•    This is the third-largest life insurance company by assets
•    This company has earned top marks for financial security ratings from A.M. Best and Moody’s
Cons of a New York Life term life policy
•     Its Policies must be purchased through an agent
•    It has No online quotes available
•     It may require a medical exam
Best for  Those who want highly personalized coverage
This is the third-largest life insurance company in the US, New York Life is well-known. But, the fact that policies are only available through an agent means that it’s not as easy to compare policies and check rates as it could be.

3. State Farm

Pros of a State Farm term life policy
•    you can purchase policy of state farm by own and online ways
•    this company has no medical exam.
•    It has high customer satisfaction ratings
Cons of a State Farm term life policy
•    it offers only  30-year terms for people under age 45
•    Big jump in price between 20-year and 30-year policies

Best for: Current State Farm customers; people looking for 20 years worth of coverage or fewer.
While probably better known for auto and home insurance than life insurance, State Farm offers both term and whole life coverage. This company is second place in customer satisfaction, just two points behind Northwestern Mutual. It’s not one of the biggest companies for life insurance out there, but there could be incentives for current customers.

Since it offers other types of insurance, there could be discounts available for customers with other policies. Data from Value Penguin shows that the typical customer with a life insurance policy over $125,000 could get an 8% discount on their auto policy by bundling.


Pros of a Nationwide term life policy
•    Online pricing available
•    Other insurance types (like homeowners, renters, and auto policies) available to keep all your insurance in one place
Cons of a Nationwide term life policy
•    Didn’t make the top five for customer satisfaction
•    Nationwide only offers one life insurance product, not much variety or customization.

Best for:That People who want to bundle their life insurance coverage with other insurance types; anyone wanting a straightforward and online shopping experience.

In addition to auto, home, and many other types of insurance, Nationwide offers term life insurance policies. With good customer satisfaction scores and good credit ratings, Nationwide is a solid and stable choice.

Unlike many of the other big life insurance companies, Nationwide will give premiums online via email. And, their premiums are relatively reasonable — for our sample 35-year-old woman, a 30-year, $250,000 policy would cost about $23 per month. Plans are available in 10, 15, 20, and 30-year terms..

5.Mutual of Omaha

Pros of a Mutual of Omaha term life policy
•    It has no medical exams for some policies with benefits of $100,000
•    Online quotes are available
•    The Sample quote came in as the most affordable
Cons of a Mutual of Omaha term life policy
•    Policies over $100,000 require an agent to purchase

Mutual of Omaha has been around since 1926, and has grown to be a competitive life insurance company in terms of size, customer satisfaction, and in industry ratings.
There are two main types of term life insurance from this insurer: Answers and Express. The express policy does not require a medical exam.

When considering customer service rankings it comes on 5th position company size, and credit rankings. But, in looking at prices, this company takes the gold. Of all of the companies that offered online quotes, Mutual of Omaha offered the lowest premium for a 35-year-old New York woman in excellent health for a 30-year, $250,000 policy, with a quote of about $21 per month, cheaper than Nationwide ($23 per month) and State Farm ($28).

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