RECOMMENDED Top Degrees Demand For The Future in 2021 Reviews

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There are some degrees which have high demand in the future the list will  clinched out the top Degrees in the future.

1.    Computer Information Systems

The degree   which  have high demand in the future is  computer information Because   we  know that day by datechnology develop for  human resources so  in future and yet the computer information will be high  demand. Academic  studies of  computer are usually completed in three years but can take four
years including internships.

Employment Opportunities
Graduated people  with this major commonly work in IT for large corporations.  The current unemployment rate is 5 to 7 percent.  average annual income is  around $60,000, and the expected growth in employment in 2020 is 18  percent.

2.    Chemical Engineering

Another degree in demand of future is  engineering  One college major that  promises a bright future for students is chemical engineering. This is offered as  a bachelor’s degree at a number of colleges and universities. This degree  program mostly deals with biology, chemistry and physics.

•    Employment Opportunities

These Chemical engineers get hired from major companies that include  pharmaceutical companies and laboratories.  Average unemployment rate is 4  to 7 percent. They earn high five-figure salaries with a median income of  $75,000. Their projected employment growth by 2020 is 6 percent.

3.    Medical Assistance

This degree related to the health science as more hospitals and other healthcare providers hiring many medical assistant every year. The job offers  sustainability and growth with degree programs that can lead to higher  positions..

Employment Opportunities
Their current unemployment rate is around 3 to 5 percent throughout the  country. A medical assistant’s annual compensation is usually around $50,000,  and their projected employment growth by 2020 is 13 percent.

4. Medical Technology

This one degree is related to the technology  of medical this  employment rates are increasing. in the healthcare field this one is another  with a promising future for current students..

•    Employment Opportunity
Graduated from this degree  find jobs in hospitals and laboratories. Their current unemployment rate falls at a low 2 to 4 percent..

5.Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering may not be an easy college major, but it comes with high potential compensation and employment opportunities. This is a bachelor’s  degree that is completed in four years. There are also master’s and doctorate
degrees offered at universities.

•    Employment opportunities
Electrical engineers find careers in many large corporations throughout the country. They are in demand at power plants, large manufacturing facilities and
other major companies.

6.Construction Management

Construction management is another college degree with increasing demand in employment. This is a degree that is offered at many colleges and universities throughout the country. Construction management programs can either be a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree. The bachelor’s degree program is usually completed in three to four years.

•    Employment Opportunities
Construction managers are the ones who control building operations. Their  unemployment rate only falls at about 5 percent,

7. Nursing

Nurses have had a steady employment rate in the past years. However, the fast- growing population of newborns and elderly people also creates the demand for more nurses. This career requires an associate or bachelor’s degree in order for a person to work as a licensed nurse..

•    Employment Opportunities
They are mostly in demand in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The  projected growth for their employment rate is 26 percent by 2020.

8. Physical Therapy

Its not easy to take degree in physical therapy  However, the end result is quite
rewarding for physical therapists. This degree completed in bachelor or master.
This degree program mostly deals with biology, anatomy and other health

•    Employment Opportunities
Physical therapists can find a lot of openings in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. They.

9.   Aeronautics and Aviation Technology

This degree also compete many others degrees in the future Aeronautics and aviation technology is another area that poses major difficulties for many  students when it comes to academics. However, graduates in this field of study
earn a good salary..

•    Employment Opportunities People who work for airlines and airplane manufacturers make a median salary of $60,000 and above. Their unemployment rate is only 4 percent with an  expected growth of 5 percent by 2020.

10. Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the  the highest current earners degree  .people with degrees  in pharmacology earn many money and provide benefit to the health system  This requires a bachelor’s degree at minimum, and salary ranges improve once  the person acquires higher degrees.

•    Employment Opportunities
Pharmacists are often in demand in pharmaceutical laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals.

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