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There are several companies which provide loans to the people to find the best loan Services. A personal loan could be good to help you access the money you need.

Sofi loan

It give attractive interest rates with good benefits, like the ability to pause for a while your payments if you lose your job. Interest rates start as low as 5.99% with autopayment. The qualified borrowers can receive up to $100,000 in funding, making SoFi a solid all-around choice.

Loan criteria++   Minimum amount you can borrow. $5,000
++   Maximum amount you can borrow.$10,0000
++   APR range: 5.99%–18.83% there will be discount while auto payment
++   Fees: None
++   Minimum recommended credit score: 680 or higher is recommended
++   Other qualification requirements:  it will find out your credit history, income, employment, and other factors at the time of  reviewing your loan application
++   Repayment terms it give the easy way for repayment by offering 2 to 7 years option.
++   Time to receive funds. IT  take several days

Restrictions: for approve to loan one must  be 18 or older and a U.S. citizen (or permanent resident or visa holder). SoFi loans are currently available in every state.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs This company offers personal loans that may work well for debt consolidation, it offer loan  in part to long repayment terms of up to 72 months. If you have good credit, you may qualify for an interest rate as low as 6.99% with zero fees attached. amounts are available up to $40,000 for qualified applicants. Together, these features might save you money if you can consolidate your expensive

Credit card debt for a lower rate++   Minimum $3,500
++   maximum amount you can borrow: $40,000
++   APR range: 6.99%–19.99%
++   Fees: None
++   Minimum recommended credit score: A minimum credit score of 660 is recommended.
++   Other qualification requirements: for qualification to loan one must  be 18 or older
++   Repayment terms: it offer the repayment method from  36 to 72 months. Time to receive funds: it allow the loan in four business days after approval.
++   Restrictions: You can’t use a personal loan from Marcus to refinance student loan deb.LightStream

It is  online division of SunTrust Bank which  offers low interest rates to borrowers with best credit it  starting as low as 4.99% for certain types of unsecured personal loans .qualified borrowers may be able to take out a personal loan from Light Stream for up to $100,000. Between the stellar interest rates and high maximum loan amounts, Light Stream may be a great fit for applicants with solid credit rating

Ther important information:++   Minimum $5,000
++   maximum amount you can borrow $100,000
++   APR range: 4.99%–19.99%
++   Fees: LightStream doesn’t charge origination fees, prepayment penalties, late fees, or any other

Type of fees. (Loans issued in Florida are subject to ++   Minimum recommended credit score: Reported to be 680
++   Other qualification requirements: You’ll have a better chance of approval if your credit reports show several years of credit history, a good mixture of account types (e.g., credit cards, installment loans, etc.), and few to no late payments. You should also be able to prove stable, adequate income to repay a new loan and evidence of savings (e.g., bank deposits, bonds, stocks, etc.).
++   Repayment terms: LightStream may offer you repayment terms between 24 and 144 months.
++   Time to receive funds: Once approved, you may be able to access your funds as soon as the same day.
++   Restrictions: You cannot use a loan from LightStream to pay for college, refinance a student loan, or fund a business.